Mackerel does the Double

Considering myself as a frugal foodie I am constantly looking for ways to cut my shopping bill without cutting quality.
A good way I have found of doing this is by having less meat on a weekly basis.
In the Foxtrot household I am to have atleast 2 meals a week without meat.
Sadly my husband is a total carnivore and looks at his plate forlornly if he can’t see a dead animal on it.
To minimise the grumpiness of Mr Foxtrot I placate him with Mackerel!
I have several Mackerel recipes up my sleeve but there are two that never fail to please.
First up is a delicious grilled Mackerel salad nicoise. This is your average Nicoise with crispy little gem leaves as the basis and sliced new potatoes teamed up with the usual suspects of french/green beans, olives and anchovies. The missing ingredient is tuna as I’m not a great lover of it. This is where the mackerel comes in. Grilled and flaked through the salad it is far better than tuna!
Drizzle on a basic salad dressing of your own choice and making – I do a simple vinaigrette with lemon, mustard, a little white wine vinegar and olive oil.
One worth a try!

The second recipe is my Smoked Mackerel rarebit. This is so quick and tasty its impossible to not love.
This makes enough for a generous covering on 4 pieces of toast.
60g grated parmesan
2 Smoked Mackerel fillets (skinned and flaked)
75ml double cream
1-2 generous tsp Horseraddish sauce
A pinch of black pepper
Some chopped chives of dill

Its this simple – stick it in a bowl and mush it with a fork then dollop thickly on some nice lightly toasted bread, add a little sprinkle of parmesan on top and whack it back under the grill for a few minutes till its bubbly and brown.


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