Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Today I felt like making some cupcakes. The sun is shining so why not!
Having been inspired earlier in the week by another food blog that I follow, I decided to make Reeces peanut butter cup cupcakes.
I didn’t have a recipe as such so I just made a basic chocolate sponge mix for the base. I poked half a Reeces cup inside the middle of each batter filled case and filled it up with more batter and baked them as normal.
I managed to find a recipe for Peanut Butter frosting online (Ina Garten’s recipe).
The frosting was a little too sweet and next time I will tinker with it a bit to make it a little more savoury.
That aside, I piped the frosting on and topped it with another half a Reeces cup. Hey presto!


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