My first ever attempt at Paella

Well its been a little while since my last post but I’ve been away for the weekend and existed mostly on various meats in various types of bread.
I would like to mention briefly in this blog the fabulous full english I had at Arcado Lounge in Christchurch, Dorset.
It is part of a small quite localised chain but is lovely inside decor wise and a nice atmosphere. Me and the hubby both had full english breakfast and a brew for 5.95 each. Delicious food!
That aside, today I made my first Paella. Put off for many years by fishy concoctions in cheap restaurants in years gone by I finally decided to try it again.
I didn’t use a recipe for it instead I judged it with my Risotto eye and from ones I’ve seen on tv!
It was really nice! I used chicken, chorizo and prawns meatwise. I’m not a big seafood fan so the prawns were just enough fishyness without being OTT. I also didn’t use peas as you sometimes see in Paella, personal taste as I just don’t do peas. We have history!
Anyway it was quite easy : quickly brown the meats and remove to one side, then soften onions and garlic in the lovely red chorizoey oil, then stick in the pepper and stock (I use cubes as I like to think of the purse strings) and a bit of Turmeric (again too tight to use saffron) and then stick the desired amount of rice in. Stir it a little then just let it sit at a simmer for 15 minutes. Add meats back to pan and shake pan to incorporate, 10 mins again then prawns on the top till they are pink and the rice has absorbed the stock. Serve sprinkled with some smoked paprika.
It got the thumbs up in this house.


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