Calabrian Lasagna by Nigella

My latest meal experiment to report back on is Calabrian Lasagna courtesy of the fabulous Nigella Lawson.
I found this recipe last week or so on her website as the recipe of the day. (If you don’t follow her on twitter then you are mad, she is fabulous!)
The recipe says it serves 6-8 but I halved it and could have still fed 4 greedy people or 6 average appetites with a bit of greenery on the side.
Its a great cost cutting lasagna but dependant on the quality of ingredients you buy (as with everything).
I would say that it cost me about £5.50 total. Split that over 6 portions and its less than a quid a head.
You can fine the recipe on Nigella’s website and I think also in her new book Nigellisima.
Now this recipe split the Foxtrot house slightly. The husband loved it and ate it with gusto whereas I really struggled with the very soft texture of everything. I like a bit of chew to my Lasagna.
On the whole though, a good recipe – particularly for a large family or dinner party but the original recipe makes tons! Maybe halve it like I did.


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