Further adventures in Mackerel

My lastest adventure with Mackerel was had on Thursday evening last week. It was a nice simple quick after work dinner but would equally be a lovely lunch dish.
First things first I very thinly sliced about half a cucumber and half a red onion. I placed the cucumber over the sink in a colander and sprinkled about a heaped teaspoon of sea salt over it and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. The onion went into another bowl and was covered with some Balsamic vinegar for about the same time. After the time had elapsed I grilled 4 mackerel fillets and then put them ontop of some crunchy sodabread toast. Wash all the salt from the cucumber and give it a squeeze to get the excess moisture out – by this time it should be all soft and silky, then drape about half of it over the fish and about half the pickled onion over also and finally to top it off I mixed a couple of tablespoons of good mayo with a generous teaspoon or two of Horseraddish sauce and a grind of black pepper and then just drizzle it over the top. Ta Dah! So so simple and so tasty!


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