My first Flavrbox delivery

For a while now I have been drooling over the Flavrbox website. I could easily buy everything if only Mr Payroll were more kind!
My chance to lose my Flavrbox virginity came to me via a Facebook link for their Half Price box. The long and short of it is that Flavrbox deliver you a box of mystery goodies once a month with 3 different ways to order and pay. I have mine on a rolling month to month basis which costs £20 a month. There are cheaper ways to do this.
So I found a half price offer on the first box via Facebook and decided to take advantage of it.
I was not disappointed!
You can see in the picture above what was in the box but here is a list:
1 bag of Bendylegs Granola
1 jar of Eat 17 Bacon Jam
1 bag of Hands on Coffee Coffee
2 bars of Mr Popples raw chocolate
4 Jackson Bars (oat bars)

I will start with the Granola – it was absolutely delicious. So nutty and flavourful. As a cereal Granola is something I normally wouldn’t touch with the proverbial barge pole but this was delightful. It wasn’t rock hard and chewy like some are!
Next the Bacon Jam, this was what I was most eager to try. I have heard mixed reviews of it so wasn’t sure what to expect but it was yummy. It tastes like a very good course pate but is nothing like that in texture. Its texture is more like a very thick chutney and it has a mapley sweetness to it. Good with cheese or on its own on crackers.
The Coffee was also very good, I’m not a coffee drinker really but my husband made a pot of this and I had a cup. Its wonderfully smooth and almost sweet and completely without that expected coffee bitterness. A good coffee for a non coffee drinker.
Mr Popples chocolate was a very strange sensation and perhaps a more acquired taste. I am an absolute chocaholic but I love creamy milk chocolate so I was never going to love this anyway. It has the strangest texture, melt in the mouth but without leaving that chocolatey residue in your mouth. This is a love it or hate it product.
Finally I had a selection of Jackson bars, these are like a flapjack but not sickly sweet like most mass produced ones. They have a lovely soft chewy texture and just the right amount of sweetness coming from the fruits and nuts in the bar. They are truly delicious and a naughty yet good for you snack. Very enjoyable!
Overall I was very happy with the box I received and would recommend the service to anyone that likes to try something new and I am greatly looking forward to my next box in October.


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