Emergency Chocolate Truffles

I have previously posted a review of a box of products I received from Flavrbox where I mentioned that there was one thing in the box that I just couldn’t grow to love.
Mr Popples raw chocolate, truly unlike any chocolate you have ever eaten and for me not the milky creamy chocolate I like.
There were 2 bars in the box. One was Mint & Lime and the other was Orange.
I had many options of things to make with the chocolate but only one that didn’t involve buying lots of other ingredients – Truffles.
Very simple to make. Put the same amount of double cream as chocolate into a pan and warm to melt completely.
Pour into a fridgeable dish and refrigerate for at least two hours until firm and set.
Then do what you like with them! Roll them in cocoa, nuts, chocolate nibs or whatever!
Easy Peasy. A nice way to use up any chocolate you don’t like (yeah as if!!!)


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