Saturday is Cake day

I do love to bake a nice cake on a Saturday for us to devour over the weekend.
Today I made a Blueberry and Custard Cake. I found the recipe on the BBC food site. It is a Simon Rimmer recipe meant for Raspberries rather than Blueberries but my husband likes blueberries and they were half the price of Raspberries (I’m a meany remember).
Its a basic recipe really with 250g of butter, sugar and flour and 4 eggs. The unusual bit is mixing a tin of ready made custard with half the blueberries and using them as a layer. The other half of the blueberries were crushed and mixed into the batter.
To assemble you put half the batter in the tin followed by the custard/blueberry mix and then the other half of the batter on top. Bake for 1.5 hrs. It is quite a dark bake but the length of time required for cooking the custard through the cake means that’s expected really.
Its a delicious and moist cake with a slight custardyness. Worth the few minutes prep really.


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