An unmissable winter supper

Its been a little while since my last post but recently food has been quite a simple affair due to being busy etc…
Today I decided to make a lovely dinner and pudding.
I chose to make Chicken with wet bay polenta and roasted squash (and a criminal amount of butter) and Nigella Lawsons Chocolate pasta recipe from Nigellisima for pudding.
So I started by chopping and roasting an Onion Squash. I threw this in the oven with a little oil (either olive or rapeseed) salt and thyme and roasted it until soft and a little crisp on the edges.
I then made a ‘wet’ Polenta with milk as the liquid and 2 bay leaves from the garden for flavour. I just followed the packet instructions for amounts but generally its 4 parts liquid to dry. Just before serving I added about 50g of grated parmesan and seasoned to taste. The main part of the meal was chicken breast – just fried in butter to brown the skin side and then into the oven to cook through. Just before serving the meal I tossed the squash and a few mushrooms through the chicken pan juices to provide a gravy/sauce.
Both myself and the Mr thoroughly enjoyed this.
So then pudding!
We picked up a bag of Cocoa pasta at Hotel Chocolat last week in preparation for making this pud. At £5.00 for a bag of 220g you would probably get about 5 portions from the bag. This recipe is available in her new book and as it was shown on the BBC2 show it is also available on their website too. The gist is you cook the pasta as a normal pasta and toss it through a butterscotch style sauce with toasted pecans in.
As a die hard lover of Macaroni pudding (sweet and like rice pudding) I adored this pud but my hubby who is the more fussy of us just couldn’t get his head around the ‘al-dente’ texture for a pudding.
It did cause a request from him for my sticky toffee pudding next week though!


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