First Blog of 2013 – Tapas Night

Hello and Happy New Year!
Its been quite a while since my last post. I lost my mojo slightly followed by sickness and christmas.
So here I am and hopefully back on form. On Saturday night I made Tapas for the Mr and I.
I’m not really in love with spanish food and its second only to Greek food on my list of No Thanks meals.
My husband however does like Tapas and Spanish food, so being the good wife I made it for him.
I made 5 different things all together as follows:
Garlic and Sherry Prawns – simple as can be to make couple of cloves of garlic in a tiny bit of oil. Toss the Large shell on prawns in and cook till pink and just before finish pour in a couple of tablespoons of sherry and sizzle away for a minute till dry.
Chorizo in Sherry – again another very simple dish. Fry the sliced chorizo in a pan until cooked and then a couple of glugs of sherry and turn heat down a little so that it thickens and the sherry becomes like a thick glaze.
Potatas Bravas – these were really delicious! To cut down on the fat (slightly) I cubed the potatoes and roasted them in a little oil in the oven. The sauce was made in a pan on the hob. Chop an onion finely and fry in oil when softened but not coloured add about half a tin of chopped toms, a pinch of sugar, a tiny blob of ketchup, 2 cloves of garlic, salt and Sweet paprika (all to taste) and cook out for about 10 mins till thickened.
Garlic Butter Mushrooms – this is as easy as the name suggests. Cook halved or whole small mushroom in a pan with a good wodge of butter and garlic and parsley, fry until soft and cooked.
Finally and the most work I made Manchego Cheese Croquetas. The gist of these is to make a very thick white sauce and add about 150g of grated Manchego Cheese. The sauce should be so thick that when the mix is cold it is mouldable.
Let the mix go completely cold and then roll into balls or little logs (whatever you fancy) then flour, egg and breadcrumb them and refrigerate again until firm again. After this just before doing all the last minute meals fry the Croquetas. Either shallow fry in a pan or deep fry in fryer until golden and hot in centre (You can keep them warm in the oven).
My only criticism with these was that I think they need a sauce so maybe just make an extra batch of Potatas Bravas sauce to go with the Croquetas.
On the whole we both enjoyed the meal and would make it all again. It was a nice weekend meal for when you have guests round as its a sociable thing and everyone can help themselves to the food.


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