Chocolate Eclairs – my arch nemesis

Some of you may know that I have an absolute passion for cakes!
Eating them more than making them if I’m honest but on occasion I like to roll up my sleeves and make them.
A fair while ago I had a go at making Chocolate Eclairs. After enduring much arm ache and mess from making the Choux pastry I was happy with what I put into the oven. Sadly I wasn’t happy with what came out of the oven. Just hard little bits of Choux. I could have infact made Shoes out of them. There was no rise at all and they were thrown angrily into the bin and I swore then that Choux pastry would not beat me!
Fast forward 3 months….
Following the same recipe as before. I beat the living daylights out of the mixture each time I put an egg in. So much so that I had to get my husband to do the last 2 (of 6) eggs as my arm was hurting!
Pain endured and mixture made. School girl error of no piping bag so a make shift one was made and used and the Eclairs were put into the oven and I sat with a determined look and crossed fingers.
30 minutes later…. Hurrah!
I will admit that they are perhaps not the prettiest of cakes but they taste delicious.
Just a little note though on Choux Pastry, NEVER AGAIN.


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