Gordon ‘F**king’ Ramsay’s Blondies

Guess what? Yes that’s right – I made cakes again.
Months ago I managed to catch a few episodes of Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course on Channel 4 and I salivated all over myself when I saw his recipe for White Chocolate and Cranberry Blondies. Being so busy (lazy) its taken me till now to bother making them.
I couldn’t find this recipe on the internet so I had to get the book from the library. I’m certainly not buying ANOTHER cookbook and remember I am frugal and libraries are free!
So anyway, I made the mixture as I was advised by the Mr Sweary in his book.
The mixture is very very thick and I wondered if I had missed something out but I hadn’t. He suggested 35 – 40 minutes for the bake but I did go a little longer, more 45 minutes as it was a bit bingo wing wibbley still at 35.
Obviously being a bit of a piggy I just couldn’t wait until they were cold and I had to have a secret nibble.
They are amazingly good, as sweet at anything and richer than Gordon Ramsay himself but WOW good!
If you like White Chocolate and Brownies then you will love these for sure.
P.S. They are dark and not light in colour as the name suggests. They are made with Dark Brown sugar hence the colour.
Anyway that’s enough – I have a hot date with a Blonde!


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