The Great Vegetable Experiment

Good Evening!
A few weeks ago I suggested to my very carnivorous husband that we try having no meat for a week.
After he recovered from the shock I put my case forward to him.
1) I believe we as a country eat too much meat.
2) I don’t think that we appreciate the meat that we do eat enough.
3) My shopping is becoming increasingly expensive each week.
And 4) I just get a bit bored of meat sometimes!
So starting last wednesday we ventured into the meat free lifestyle.
I have a nice line up of meals planned for the week some exciting and some boring. The interesting ones I will post about but the boring ones I shall just mention.
I do my weekly shop at Morrisons supermarket and on average I spend £65 a week. This is in total and for 2 people including stuff for work lunches.
Before I go shopping I do a weeks meal planner and only buy the things that I need for the meals I will be making. So I did the same with this week of veggie meals too.
On Wednesday I made celeriac and apple soup, this was a tad on the boring side but substantial and tasty enough. I do love celeriac but I prefer it raw.
On Thursday I made beetroot and red onion tarte tatin. This can be seen in the picture at the top.
For this I quartered 2 medium beetroot and cut a medium red onion into 8ths. In an oven proof frying pan I put a knob of butter, balsamic glaze and a tiny sprinkle of sugar. I cooked this for a few minutes until dark and then put the beetroot and onions in the pan to cook and soften. After 4 – 5 minutes I covered it with foil and put it in the oven for 25 minutes to soften further.
After this take the pan from the oven, sprinkle with thyme and then cover with a puff pastry blanket, tuck it in and make a couple of slits to let the steam out and then back into the oven for 25 – 30 minutes at 180 degrees or until golden brown.
Carefully turn it out onto the plate and as I have a thing for sherry at the moment I deglazed the sticky pan bits with a splash of it and drizzled it over the top.
Blowing my own trumpet here but it was delicious, served with horseraddish mash and broccoli.
On Friday we had fennel and lemon risotto. This was delicious and very simple. The only difference when making this is that the fennel was softened in the pan first with the onions before the rice went in and the risotto process started. Again fennel is a vegetable that I adore but normally when its served roasted with pork so having it this way was a refreshing taste.
The risotto wasn’t beautiful to look at and I’m no food photographer, its only a shame you can’t photograph the taste!
In the next post of the veggie saga I make sweet potato and peanut burgers and a celeriac remoulade and a sweet treat of cookies to follow!


One thought on “The Great Vegetable Experiment

  1. I’m by no means a vegetarian, but I do enjoy a meat free diet (probably a 98% veggie….. Or a 5% carnivore depending which way you look at it!
    One of my favourite home cooked dishes is a veggie curry which is absolutely rammed with all different types of veg (mainly what I have left over in the fridge/freezer/cupboard…..
    Looking forwards to the next installment! X

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