Episode III – Return of the Vegi

Good evening!
So welcome to the third and final part of my Veggie week. As you have seen from the other two posts the food so far has been very nice. We only had two boring(ish) meals which were a veggie pizza and a veggie pasta dish. These were nice but run of the mill.
On the sunday night though I made the meal I was looking forward to most – Turkish style Mezze.
This is not my normal style of cooking so I required recipes! These I got from the BBC Food website.
I made:
Hummus – very easy and mostly done by the food processor and tasted absolutely delicious. It was a standard recipe of chick peas, tahini, lemon juice,garlic and salt and oil.
Baba Ganoush – a little more labour intensive but still simple. Roasted aubergines, garam masala, lime juice etc… I’m not in love with aubergines so this was interesting for me, it was ok but I’m still not in love with them. The hubby loved this though.
Tabbouleh – traditional thing really, bulgar wheat, coriander, tomato, onion lemon juice and oil and so on. Nice quick thing to prepare and very very good!
Finally Flat Breads – as previously mentioned I HATE making bread! Detest it. This recipe was oily which made it even worse. After loosing my temper 6 times (I made 6 breads) I presented the table with six gorgeous flat breads and for all the annoyance I will be making them again!
So this for me was the perfect end to the week. Proving to all steak lovers that vegetables can be interesting and that meat is not the only option.
I didn’t do it for long enough to really feel any health benefits from it but given time I’m sure I would.
Cost wise as mentioned in part one I normally spend about £65 a week on shopping and this shop was only a few pounds cheaper. Sadly it goes to show that good healthy food is more expensive than it should really be. I still worry after all this that a ready meal (horse or not) costs less than simple vegetables!
To celebrate a successful vegetarian week I had a dirty great big steak!
Sorry Morrissey!!!


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