Posh Common Dinner

Good afternoon all, hope we are all well. I haven’t been very adventurous food wise for a while as I just couldn’t be bothered. But this week I’m doing a couple of nice meals. The one in this post is my posh common one. It looks posh but it was just so easy to do and very little cooking involved at all.
Potato & beetroot rosti with smoked mackerel and horseraddish cream.
I used about 2 parts raw spud and 1 part raw beetroot. I grated them on the course part of the grater and then put them onto a clean tea towel and twisted and squeezed until I couldn’t get anymore juice out. I didn’t do anything else, I’m sure some would add egg or flour but I just squashed it down firmly into a hot frying pan and very slowly cooked them on one side for a good 15 minutes as I wanted them cooked through properly. Then cook the other side. Very very simple as I said. I grilled the smoked mackerel to warm it up and served it on top of the rosti with some rocket and a blob of horseraddish cream. This was about 150ml of Creme fraiche, one teaspoon of strong horseraddish sauce and a good sprinkle of chives and parsley. It was delicious.
For pudding I wanted sometime really cosy and rib sticking. I had seen Rachel Allen make this pudding before on tv and she said it was a Bill Grainger recipe. Its easy to find on the internet if you search it. ‘Self sourcing banana butterscotch pudding’. Anyway its basically a cake batter with banana in it and then while still raw you pour a whole load of melted sugar and syrup over it and cook it like that. It was really hearty and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


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