Great British Cake off

Well hello there, its been a while!

I have had a bit of a blogging hiatus recently so I thought it only polite to do a quick post and say hello.

Its been a busy month for me hence the no blogging.

I thought I would restart with a good old cake.
I adore marzipan – to an unnatural level. So when I happened upon this recipe in The Great British Bake Off cook book that my hubby got me over a year ago I had to make it.
The recipe for this Apricot and Marzipan loaf cake was very very easy and absolutely delicious. It is full of fruit and big melty bits of marzipan cooked into it.
It reminded me of a Manor Cake in its texture and fruityness. A lovely light fruit cake.
I’m thinking of pimping it up at christmas with some festive fruits, maybe some cranberries?

So that’s what I made. I have also visited some nice food places too lately.
Loving Newlyns Farm in Odiham, Hampshire. Their shop is really lovely. They sell lovely local fruit and veg. A good array of cheeses and cold meats and other deli bits. Their butchers section is fabulous too, stocking a great selection of meat.
They have a very cosy cafe serving good grub and I even had a little nosey around the cookery school upstairs from the shop and its very airy and modern.
I believe they have 2 shops/farms in the region so if you are nearby then you really should pay a visit.


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