Veggie friendly Toad


Just a quick one really as I have made this for tea tonight and I know a few people that were interested in the recipe. So here it is!
Its for ‘Asparagus in the hole’. Its a non meat alternative to Toad in the hole (obviously).
Firstly make the yorkshire batter mix, I make this first as it gets better the more it sits.
4 eggs – break them into a jug and make a note of how much quantity of egg you have in the jug. Then stick them in a bowl. Then measuer milk to the same amount of eggs on your jug and the same with plain flour. You need equal quantities of all three things.
Obviously you can make your yorkshire pudding any way you like but this is just the way I like it.
Next, boil the asparagus for a few minutes in salted water and just as it starts to soften take it off the heat and plunge into cold water.
As with any toad in the hole the next step is to heat your chosen fat to a smoke in a very hot oven. When the fat is searing hot then take it out the oven and pour your batter mix into the oil. You should get a good sizzle and a searing at the edge (think Baileys poured in to Lemonade). Finally very quickly arrange the asparagus in the batter and whack it in the oven for 30 ish minutes or until its cooked how you like it.
I’m a soggy yorkshire pudding fan but hubby is a crispy kinda guy!
So that’s it. It is delicious served with a nice salad and I even love it cold as a leftover for lunch the next day.


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