Sunday joint with a difference

Hello there, nice to see you again!
I’m having a week of new meals this week and that started yesterday (Sunday).
You have to understand just how much I am in love with pulled pork. Its a love affair that started years ago in an american style food joint and continues just as strongly today.
The thing is, I’ve never made my own pulled pork. Outrageous really considering. So I thought Ah Heck! I’m gonna make my own now. In my usual fashion I got a recipe from the BBC website and as usual it was a Simon Rimmer one. I constantly seem to make his recipes but don’t own a book by him. Dunno why not?!?

So the recipe is here:

I didn’t make that coleslaw. I did make coleslaw but it was just my plain and simple coleslaw with no fancy bits.

Just a note on the recipe – my piece of pork was only 1.3kg but I cooked it for the same times and with regard to the salt and pepper I used 1 tbsp of sea salt and about 20 grinds of black pepper which went into the rub. Also, when I shredded it down I mixed all the onions and garlic in with it – it doesn’t specify this in the recipe but it works.
This was one of the nicest pulled porks I have had and my hubby said it was the best he has ever had.

I served it with homemade chunky crunchy coleslaw and Wraps.

Do try it!


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