My day in french Brighton

As you know, my blog is more of a ‘things I’ve made’ blog than a ‘places I’ve eaten’ kinda blog but today I fancy a change.
My husband and I went off to Brighton for the day last week. We had a lovely time. I do love all the small pretty shops there and there are some really great places to eat too. I said in the title french Brighton as it really does remind me of a little Paris on sea.
When we first arrived we walked down from the train station down the main road into town (Queens Road) and spotted a nice little cafe called Cocoa Patisserie. If the colourful selection of macarons/macaroons don’t grab your attention then frankly you must be blind! The cafe is very small, probably about 8 or 9 tables but that made it nicer and more personal. We had coffee and cake. More specifically Rose and pistachio macaroons. It cost about £13.50 for 2 drinks and 2 macaroons and it was worth it!
On our way home later we called back in and got a box of 8 macaroons to take home. Delicious!!!!!

For lunch I was eager to try a place that I had seen reviewed by another blogger I subscribe to. The place is called Plateau.
(Bartholomews, Brighton – this is central and opposite the Town Hall).
The menu is quite small here and is a kind of share and nibble kinda menu but with a good specials board. We opted for the Plateau de viandes. To put it frankly – its a massive board full of meat and accompaniments.
It comprised of Chorizo sausage, Boudin Noir, Belly pork, quail and steak. With this there were boiled potatoes, cous cous, lentil salad, celeriac remoulade and some greenery also salsa verde and chutney. It was all so beautifully cooked. We had a side order of frites with truffle and pecorino. Excuse the awful picture but we had eaten most of it by the time I remembered to take a picture!
With a beer and a soft drink this came to £43.00 – the most noticed thing here though was a fabulous service and great atmosphere. We felt instantly comfortable and not out of place surrounded by hipsters!
If you find yourself in Brighton then do please try these places out.


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