My 70s tribute black forest gateau

Good Evening/afternoon/middle of the night (whenever you’re reading this),
A couple of weeks ago it was the husbands birthday. In our tradition I always make him a special birthday cake of his choice.
Last year I made a massive chocolate teddy bear with fudgey butter cream icing all over it and Reece’s pieces buttons. To say it was sickly is an under statement!
This year he asked for a black forest gateau. How incredibly 70s I hear you cry and yes I agree.
Let me just point out to you that I love to cook and I mean cook not bake. I’m not a baker, I struggle to give a hoot about presentation and that may show slightly! However this cake tasted AMAZING. I am a total chocaholic but I often find chocolate cake can be very dry and a bit of a chore to eat. I didn’t hold out much hope. This is the recipe I followed:

I think you will agree that it looks amazing on there.

I only made two tiers as my cake tins are quite big (what’s the point in a small cake?). I got a jar of cherries in kirsch from waitrose and used the syrupy kirsch to drizzle over the sponges while they were cooling. I then reduced it right down in a pan to a thick syrup. I used a jar of posh cherry conserve on the bottom layer with lashings of softly whipped cream and some of the boozy cherries. The top is covered in a loose ganache and then I drizzled the thick syrup over the top and splodged some extra cherries on.
Granted its a bloody mess but hand on heart it was one of the nicest cakes I’ve eaten. I can assure you that judging by my dress size that’s a lot of cake!!!
Make and enjoy but don’t tell the cool brigade.


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