In the pudding club

Good Evening,
I hope all is well. Lately I have been reminiscing about old fashioned british puddings. I say reminiscing but really obsessing might be more suitable. I remember watching an old programme with Sophie Grigson, on it she was talking about a pudding called ‘Sussex pond pudding’. I was fascinated by it.
So today I thought I’d have a crack!
I got myself a 1lt pudding basin earlier in the week in anticipation.


200g SR Flour
100g Shredded suet

Put these together in a bowl and bring to a ball with a bit of cold milk. I couldn’t tell you how much but just start small and keep going until it comes away from the bowl clean but not sticky.
Then roll it out to a rough circle big enough for the bowl, when you have got to this point you need to cut a quarter of the dough away and keep to one side for later.
Grease the bowl and drape the large piece of dough/pastry into the bowl until its all fitted in and around the bowl perfectly and right to the top with no possible leaky joins. Its quite a forgiving this to work with as its really pliable.

100g cold butter cubed
100g soft brown sugar
1 big lemon or 2 smaller ones

So next mix the butter and sugar together loosely (don’t squish them together). Place half of this mixture in the lined bowl then your pre stabbed lemon (a good forking will do) and then the rest of the butter and sugar on top of the lemons.
Now back to that quarter of dough/pastry you have left. Roll this out again, this time to a smaller circle which should be the same size as the top of the bowl. Then put the lid on and crimp the edges around the lid part to make a good strong seal. (Almost there…..)
Cover the top of the pudding with a piece of foil that has a fold in it for expansion and then tie a good length of string around to secure and fashion a handle from the string too for ease of movement.
To steam the pudding sit it atop a saucer in a pan and fill pan with boiling water to half way up the bowl – lid on – keep checking water level – bosh!
4 hours later, yes 4 HOURS!!! You have a fabulous tangy sweet rich pudding to get stuck into.
Blowing my own trumpet here but it was amazingly good!


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